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Interview: Robert Martin

Robert Martin, one of the founders of MennoNerds, returns to the podcast to talk with Steve Kimes. Some of their topics includes:

Robert’s departure from social media and recent partial return (1:52)Social media interaction and real interactions (11:05)Putting up a front or avatar on social who will generate likes and similarities to putting on a persona as a pastor (19:06)Recapping the story of Heather’s cancer and death (21:53)How Robert and Heather’s daughters have been processing (33:12)Pastoral vulnerability, including on social media (34:58)Where Robert goes for support (39:34)Practical and emotional support (42:10)Experiencing stages of grief (44:50)What kind of media does Robert turn to when he needs a break (48:20) Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS


Change to MennoNerds Blog Structure

Hello to all our wonderful readers,
For those paying attention to blogs being published here, you may have noticed that we’ve become very inconsistent with getting posts curated and published. We simply haven’t have had the volunteer power to make it work effectively. In light of this, we’ve opted to try returning to automatically publishing all of our member’s posts with no curation in between. The positive of this is that you’ll see more content quickly from the authors and it will save our volunteers a lot of time. There are some negatives as well, but if you don’t notice those, I don’t need to go out of my way to make you look for them ūüôā
We’ll see how this goes and re-evaluate if necessary. If you have any thoughts, feel free to submit them using the contact form here on the site.

Donate to MennoNerds

MennoNerds and the affiliated website are a completely, totally, 100% volunteer run thingie. There is no paid staff, we do not make profit from anything, and even the royalties from the book we wrote a while back are not necessarily going to line anyone’s pockets.
This means that eveything you see is donated time, money, talent, and resources.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t always make things work. Websites cost money for domain and hosting, graphic artists don’t work only for the pleasure of making art (although, they do find pleasure in it), bloggers have “Real life” jobs, etc… So, reality is, we can’t do this on spit and hope forever. ūüôā
That said, there’s a button on webpage to donate to MennoNerds. Those of us who are kinda “in charge” of the blogging collective have agreed that we should start accepting donations like this. Our goal is ONLY to meet operating costs for the website. That runs at about $150 a year (currently being paid out of the generosity of one of our bloggers). If we get donations above and beyond that, they will be held on account to give honorariums and such to folks who donate writing, art, etc., to the efforts of this community and the website. If, for some strange reason, we actually get a LOT of money… well… we’ll have to figure that part out because, quite honestly, we’re not in this to get lots of money. We’ve tossed around the idea of donations to charities, enhancing our existing web presence (adding a pod casting account, video editing, stock photos, etc), expanding our bandwidth, and so on, so we’ll have to play with that a bit yet. They are ideas only right now but they are things we’d like to do someday ūüôā
So, again, if you would like to donate something to help us offset our costs, go to and click the “Donate” button or click the button below for a one time donation. ¬†OR, go to to setup a regular monthly donation.
Thank you and God bless!

Journey’s End

Well, we’ve reached the end of the journey for Anabaptist Missional Spirituality. ¬† After 24 articles from a wide range of viewpoints, experiences, and positions, how do you sum up something like this?
I think it’s safe to say, if a nerdy dove-like bird can comment here, that when it comes to spirituality, it seems that there is not a really solid, safe “how-to” manual. ¬†Every one of the posts that our nerdy friends put up were full of truth, wisdom, and a sense of the Holy Spirit. ¬†Each author attempted to explore, from where they were, what it means to be “sent” on God’s mission into the world, how that takes shape, what preparation is needed, and how far can you go before you find yourself turning back home.
At the core of it all is that term “missio dei” that started the whole conversation. ¬†Any mission that we attempt to start has it’s genesis, first and foremost, in the mission that God is already on. ¬†And I think this is something that came out in all the articles. ¬†Any missional endeavor and exploration of spirituality starts, first and foremost, by joining the mission that has already begun. ¬†It is not our mission, it is God’s mission. ¬†Discipling people, prayer life, the people to whom we are sent, the incarnating of Jesus in the midst of folks “not like us”… it all is part of what we do when we join God’s ambassadorship to the rest of the world…a world that, if we are honest, we are also part of and have been received God’s mission.
Thank you to all the authors who participated and to all our readers who gave feedback, shared the articles, and joined in the journey.
May God bless you all.

New Things at MennoNerds

Hello, folks! ¬†Rebstock here! ¬†I wanted to take a moment to let y’all know about a few exciting changes going on here at MennoNerds.
Content Moderation
First of all, we’ve implemented a content moderation process for articles published here at MennoNerds. ¬†We realized that, with all the blogs automatically publishing content to our website we were generating a lot of content. ¬†In fact, one person passed along a comment on the lines of “Egads! ¬†That’s a lot of bloggers! ¬†That’s a lot of content!”. ¬†A bit of a paraphrase, actually, but you get the idea. ¬†Additionally, we realize that a lot of our content comes from folks who have a Y chromosome, a much lighter shade of melanin in their skin, and come from a very European context of things. ¬†While we like those folks, we like other folks who don’t have those characteristics, too. ¬†So, we’ve decided to moderate our content stream down to 5 articles maximum a day with an eye on making sure that we let a diversity of voices be heard without one perspective drowning out the other. ¬†This will allow us to bring on a lot more bloggers while keeping to our vision of being a website for a diverse set of Anabaptist voices.
Article Submissions
We want to make sure that all of you know we want contributions! ¬†Just because you’re not “officially” a MennoNerd or just because you don’t have an actual blog doesn’t mean you don’t have something to say. ¬†We’ve received a couple of articles already within the past couple of months. ¬†Check them out at our MennoNerds Exclusive page. ¬†But we would really love to hear more from other folks. ¬†If you want to make a contribution, go to our Contact Us page and send us an Article Submission message. ¬†Someone will get back to you and let you know what we need.
Affiliated Blogs
There are a lot of excellent blogs out there with Anabaptist perspectives, viewpoints, and commentary. ¬†And we would really love to have every one of them automatically syndicated here on MennoNerds. ¬†But, as part of what we aim for in making sure we support a diversity of voices, we can’t bring on every blog. ¬†However, we would love to make sure that we network as many of these blogs together and promote them as Anabaptist voices while they, in turn, promote MennoNerds. ¬†So, we’ve implemented the idea of “affiliated” blogs. ¬†Even if a blog is not automatically syndicated by MennoNerds, they may carry the MennoNerd badge as an affliate and MennoNerds will include a link in a blog roll here on the website pointing back to their blog. ¬†The hope is that with the badge on their blog and the link on our site, we would build this network and resource list for folks seeking to learn more about Anabaptism. ¬†You can find our current list of all our MennoNerds affiliated blogs (including syndicated authors) at the MennoNerd Affliated Blogs page. ¬†Affilates and authors are both considered based upon their application submitted at our Becoming a MennoNerd Blogger page.
Interviews, Podcasts, etc.
Watch our site in the coming weeks and months. ¬†We’ve got some plans in the works to actually do some more exclusive content like interviews with specific MennoNerds, interviews with church leaders across the country and world, exclusive articles on specific topics, more synchro-blogs, etc. ¬†This is going to be some good stuff coming up and we hope you folks enjoy these things to come.
That’s it, really. ¬†We’re really excited about these different changes in how we do things and we hope that they help move us forward in our vision of becoming a “go-to” place for Anabaptist thought, theology, and practice.
Thanks, as always,
-Rebstock, the MennoNerd Bird

Obligatory 2013 Retrospective Post

I’m not going to bore you with a lot of statistics of “most popular post” or anything like that. ¬†But I would like to say that this has been an amazing year here at MennoNerds. ¬†It’s our first full year as a blogging collective of Anabaptist bloggers and what a year it’s been, too. ¬†We’ve add a lot of new bloggers this year to our stream taking our count up to 35 regular blogs that we syndicate. ¬†With that number of bloggers, it should be no surprise that, out of the 2,250 posts you can search through here, 2,118 were posted this year alone.
I’d also like to say that it is really exciting that y’all have chosen me, Rebstock, to be your mascot this year. ¬†The honor of representing this martyr of the past as the symbol of this blogging collective is exciting. ¬†With me as a mascot, we’ve looked at where we’ve been and where we’re going in the future and come up with an exciting vision of what MennoNerds could be about. ¬†You can check it out on our history and vision page.
In 2014, we hope to be able to work more towards that vision, bringing you good blog articles on any number of issues from an Anabaptist perpective. ¬†We’re looking at a number of tweaks into how we do things and we’d love to expand who we host here to include more diversity of views, ethnicities, genders, and geography. ¬†Expect some more guest blogs from other non-regular bloggers and some new ways of doing things in the coming months ahead.
Thank you, all of you, who have been regular readers, sharing our articles and interacting with our blogs. ¬† We don’t do this writing for our own benefit, but to further God’s Kingdom and to seek out ways of doing this whole Jesus thing in an ever shifting, ever changing world. ¬†We hope you will continue to journey with us over the next year.
God bless!
-Rebstock NerdBird


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