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“Christ Did Not Die for the Good and Beautiful”

I finally got a chance to see Martin Scorcese’s Silence over the weekend. The film arrived late in our town, and even then only in the second-run theatre (I imagine its themes were probably deemed “too religious,” and therefore not profitable enough for mass consumption). The film is, of course, based on Shusaku Endo’s 1969 novel by the same name, and is set in the context of the 17th century persecution of Japanese Christians by the Inquisitor Inoue. It is a masterfully made film based on a beautifully written novel that asks hard questions about the nature of martyrdom and faith and fidelity and suffering, and, of course, about the silence of God. […]


"NO! I don't wanna go to the doctor!  I wanna watch Dora!" "Just let me sleep in, dad.  I don't want to go to school." "Don't take away the Wifi!  I can do the stupid dishes later! Stop!" "Why shouldn't I have a car?  I'm 16 and I've passed my driver's exam.  I'm old enough." "You never understood me!" "I hate you.  I HATE YOU!" And the parent waits, patiently.  She waits expectantly.

The Sort to Smile

A breeze was entering the room through the window and rushing about inside, giving small notice here and there. William would have smiled then, had he been the sort to smile. One envies such types—who do not smile. The rest of us go around like fools, and these few maintain such dignity. — Jesse Ball, The Curfew […]

This is What a Christian Does

Every Wednesday evening, I lead a bible study with a group of seniors in our church. It’s a pretty simple affair, usually. We read the passage(s) that I will be preaching on the upcoming Sunday, we talk about what it means, we close by reciting the Lord’s Prayer, and then we have coffee and goodies. […]

“It Was Good for Me to be Afflicted”

I knew I was heading into depression, and here I am. I have an addiction to adrenaline, so whenever I step out of the serious crisis-oriented occupation that causes me to face suffering people daily and hear their stories of woe and oppression, then I go through withdrawals.  I am a drug addict, it's just that the drug that I long for is created within my body.

What?!?! No Baby?!? Things to Keep in Mind When Helping Someone Through a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome

There is an internal drive within most women to create, foster, and nourish life for themselves.  Deep within a woman’s experience lies her intense desire to co-create with God, to settle down and “nest” and to be identified as a mother.  For many, this begins as early as childhood.  […] Continue reading →

When Prayers Go Unanswered

Recently Frank Viola published a free e-book where 21 Christian leaders responded to the following question: Why is it that God doesn’t often answer the desperate prayers of His people for deliverance, protection, healing, etc.? You can download the free ebook by clicking here. The following excerpt is Greg’s contribution to this book: _____________________ ... The post When Prayers Go Unanswered appeared first on Greg Boyd - ReKnew.

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