MennoNerds and the affiliated website are a completely, totally, 100% volunteer run thingie. There is no paid staff, we do not make profit from anything, and even the royalties from the book we wrote a while back are not necessarily going to line anyone’s pockets.

This means that eveything you see is donated time, money, talent, and resources.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always make things work. Websites cost money for domain and hosting, graphic artists don’t work only for the pleasure of making art (although, they do find pleasure in it), bloggers have “Real life” jobs, etc… So, reality is, we can’t do this on spit and hope forever. 🙂

That said, there’s a button on webpage to donate to MennoNerds. Those of us who are kinda “in charge” of the blogging collective have agreed that we should start accepting donations like this. Our goal is ONLY to meet operating costs for the website. That runs at about $150 a year (currently being paid out of the generosity of one of our bloggers). If we get donations above and beyond that, they will be held on account to give honorariums and such to folks who donate writing, art, etc., to the efforts of this community and the website. If, for some strange reason, we actually get a LOT of money… well… we’ll have to figure that part out because, quite honestly, we’re not in this to get lots of money. We’ve tossed around the idea of donations to charities, enhancing our existing web presence (adding a pod casting account, video editing, stock photos, etc), expanding our bandwidth, and so on, so we’ll have to play with that a bit yet. They are ideas only right now but they are things we’d like to do someday 🙂

So, again, if you would like to donate something to help us offset our costs, go to and click the “Donate” button or click the button below for a one time donation.  OR, go to to setup a regular monthly donation.

Thank you and God bless!

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