One of our affiliate bloggers, Matt Young, recently posted an excellent article on the God of Love.  Here’s an excerpt.  Click through on the link below to read more of this wonderful reflection.

In the midst of this pain and suffering, where is God? Is he somewhere “up there” looking down on all of this? Why did this happen in the first place? Why doesn’t he do anything? Does he care?

Well, the fact of the matter is that I have no access to some superhuman/supernatural realm. Whether God is up there or not, I certainly don’t have access to this special information. Even if he is somewhere up there, experientially he just isn’t. He hasn’t answered any questions, hasn’t made anything better from on high.

It’s in the eyes of fellow human beings that care about me and my son. It’s in the ears of a friend who listens to all the pain just because he cares. That love is in my wife’s loving embrace, in her patience and care for our little man in the midst of her own pain, confusion, and tears.

That love is found in the doctor who told us the story of why he devoted his life to working with kids like my son. The doctor who chose a career that paid less than others. The doctor who is working a literal miracle to give children a life they couldn’t have without him.

Oh this love. I have seen it, felt it, tasted it. It’s alive and well. Real, tangible, living and breathing. It walks and talks and lights up the darkness all around.

You see, the God of love exists……. DOWN HERE.

via God Is Not Up There « Christian Expatriate.

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