Are you an Author, Affiliate, or considering applying? Here are some of the details about what that practically means. First, some terminology:

  • Author: syndicated blogger or podcaster whose posts are curated here
  • Affiliate: blogger or podcaster who we are happy to consider part of the network but are not automatically syndicated
  • Member: authors, affiliates, or involved in MennoNerds leadership in some way (e.g. Facebook group admins)

For any questions, if you don’t know who to ask, use the site’s public contact form and specify the topic. It will get to the right person from there.

The Member Portal

The MennoNerds Member Portal is located here. If you are a member, you should have received an invitation from our tech coordinator. Accepting this invitation and signing in with a Microsoft account (personal or Office) will give you access to everything stored here. This is not mandatory to join the Member Portal unless you are involved in some form of leadership, in which case there are some tools here that can help you. For other members, you might find useful information such as more details like what is included below on this page, but it is not mandatory.

On the Website


A MennoNerds Author’s blog’s RSS feed is automatically syndicated and published into the central blog feed here on and from there to MennoNerds accounts on Facebook and Twitter. This is the only point where Affiliates differ from Author: Affiliates are not automatically syndicated to the site.


Authors and Affiliates are included on the Authors page of the MennoNerds website. These profiles are loaded from the Gravatar associated with the Author or Affiliate’s email. If the Author or Affiliate doesn’t have a Gravatar associated with that email, there will be a generic icon and it will link to the Author or Affiliate’s website, but it is encouraged to create a Gravatar to provide the extra information.


Authors and Affiliates have the option of displaying their name and location on the MennoNerds Authors page of the website. We love to show off the global input we are receiving. If an Author or Affiliate’s location is not showing, they can send the location to one of the website managers to request having it added.

Your Site Changes

If your site information changes (URL, title, new co-author, etc) please make sure MennoNerds’ website managers know so that syndication can continue with proper information.

Blogging Break

If the MennoNerds website managers notice that an Author hasn’t blogged in at least 6 months, automatic syndication will be turned off. Functionally, that Author will be treated by the website like an Affiliate instead of an Author. The Author will be notified at this time and automatic syndication can be easily turned back on if the Author lets the web managers know that they have started blogging again – no need to reapply.

Your Website: The Badge

Authors and Affiliates have permission to use the Rebstock logo (copyright Eddie Gonzalez) on their website, with a link to


Members will receive occasional (approximately 1 a month) emails from others within MennoNerds as we organize various initiatives or provide news about the network. This could mean things like synchro-blogs, podcasts, website updates, and more.

Members must stay on the email list – considering factors like copyright on your content, we do not want to get into a scenario where we are using your content without having a way to contact you. If you would like to be removed from the list, you will also lose your membership and your content removed from the website.


We hold podcasts in various formats, some of which have come and gone over time. Check out the podcasts section of the website to see these different formats and old episodes. Any member can initiate a podcast topic idea or format, and MennoNerds can help with the technology to create it and with distribution through the YouTube channel and the website podcast RSS feed. To submit an idea or join an existing idea, email through the site contact form selecting Podcasts.


If a member participated in creating a book, in any format with any publisher, they have the option of having that book listed on the website. If you don’t know who to email about this, use the site contact form and select Website for the purpose.

There is also the potential of any member being invited to contribute to any future MennoNerds anthologies, like A Living Alternative