Unafraid book coverFellow MennoNerd Benjamin Corey comes on the podcast to talk with Steve about his life, his work, and his newest book Unafraid. A description of the book via HarperCollins says this:

The creator of the popular Formerly Fundie blog on Patheos explains how the “American Christianity” we are currently taught is actually a fear-saturated distortion of biblical faith.

Benjamin L. Corey thought he was suffering a crisis of faith, but it turned out to be a spiritual awakening.

Corey became aware that the constant fear of hell and judgment that defined his Christian faith was out of sync with the idea that God acts from love, and promises to deliver us from fear. In the wake of this realization came newfound insights—from reading the Bible to re-examining American life and the church’s role in the wider world. Corey learned that what he had been taught was a distorted version of Christianity that was not only untrue but caused real spiritual harm.

He also discovered that he wasn’t alone. Many Christians are yearning to distinguish between the Christianity that has become a rigid American civil religion and the authentic Christian faith embodied in Jesus. As he recounts his own spiritual journey, Corey offers a powerful and inspiring message of hope for every Christian increasingly frustrated with the church today. Do not be discouraged, he assures them. You do not need to give up your faith; you can rediscover the reality of a vibrant Christianity that delivers us from fear and inspires and guides us all today.

Some topics include:

  • Defining “progressive Christianity”. (1:36)
  • The evolution of our theologies and losing church, friends, and family over that evolution. (6:27)
  • Being unafraid of God and how the fear of God is so damaging. (11:57)
  • God the puppy-slayer. (19:22)
  • Does wisdom begin with the fear of God? (21:02)
  • A proper understanding of Marcionism. (24:50)
  • Dealing with Jesus’ words around Gehenna and other scary elements of God. (26:40)
  • Talking to oppressors, whether they are doing it knowledgeably or not, and relating to churches that portray God in fear-inspiring ways (33:32)

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