Carol Penner joins the podcast to discuss a few topics with Katelin, including feminist theology, abuse, pastoral theology, and writing worship resources. From Carol’s bio:

Carol Penner teaches and writes in the area of practical theology.  After many years as a pastor in various Mennonite congregations, she is joining the faculty of CGUC [Conrad Grebel University College] this year. Her research interests include feminist theology and Mennonite peace theology, and abuse issues. She has a popular blog of her worship resources at

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Carol’s background in both pastoring and academia. (1:23)
  • How Carol’s pastoral experience is used in academia and what the average person is thinking about as theological questions. A major one is money. (5:38)
  • Violence on a personal level, especially violence against women, not only seeing violence as “what would you do if called to war?” (14:21)
  • How our theology and our Scripture contribute to questions of abuse. (17:41)
  • Things Carol found helpful in feminist theology. (21:33)
  • Pastoral abuse and how Mennonite churches don’t do a good enough job talking about it. (32:34)
  • Why Mennonite churches talked more about abuse in the 90s but then stopped. (39:59)
  • Why Carol writes worship resources online. (44:15)


Leading in Worship blog by Carol Penner

Carol’s academic bio from University of Waterloo

MennoNerds Interview: Into Account (YouTube)

Mennonite Central Committee Canada – Abuse Prevention

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