The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual GrowthChristopher Heuertz joins Steve on the podcast to discuss his book The Sacred Enneagram. The book is described as (via the Gravity Center page):

Move beyond type as mere caricature and learn how to work with the Enneagram for spiritual growth.

Christopher L. Heuertz was first introduced to the Enneagram in the slums of Cambodia. Since then he has trained under some of the great living Enneagram masters including Father Richard Rohr, Russ Hudson, Marion Gilbert, and Helen Palmer, and now teaches the Enneagram in workshops and retreats around the world. Chris is an International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional. He and his wife Phileena live in Omaha with their puppy Basil, and you can join him on Facebook and Twitter in his intentions to love on the margins.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Richard Rohr’s impact on Chris (1:17)
  • Introducing the theme of the book: finding your true self (5:00)
  • Introducing the Enneagram itself, not just another personality test to put you in a box (13:49)
  • Steve’s Enneagram type, Chris’ Enneagram type, and the centers of the Enneagram (24:17)
  • How to best find out your type, the dangers of typing others, and the ease of being mistyped (33:14)
  • Contemplative prayer and how that works together with the Enneagram (50:46)

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