Robert Martin interviews fellow MennoNerd Edem Morny. Here’s what they’ll be talking about:

Anabaptism has it’s roots in 16th century Europe. So does colonialism. In west Africa, the effects of colonialism and the Christianity that followed in its wake are still felt today. Additionally, in reaction to colonized Christianity, there is growing syncretism as African cultural and religious beliefs begin to be imbibed unguardedly into Christian teaching and practice. Meanwhile, Anabaptist ideas speak counter to the colonizing Christianity of Europe and call people to a more genuine and committed walk with Christ. Edem Morny is an Anabaptist minister speaking out and serving the people of Ghana, calling anyone who will listen to take up the radical discipleship of Christ. Robert Martin, a descendent of those European Anabaptists spends some time interviewing Edem on how Anabaptism speaks to his post colonial Africa.

Edem’s blog:

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