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Hannah Eagleson joins the podcast to talk about her life and her work with the Emerging Scholars Network of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.

  • Hannah’s church background (0:59)
  • Why did Hannah get a Ph.D.? (6:34)
  • How did Hannah get connected with the Emerging Scholars Network? (9:11)
  • What is ESN? What is it trying to do? (11:52)
  • What is Scholar’s Compass? (17:44)
  • What do we do with this idea that we have to protect God from our minds? (22:03)
  • The relationship between academia and the Church (25:06)
  • What would you want academia to know about the Church or Christians in academia? (33:52)
  • What would you want congregations or pastors to understand about academia? (36:57)
  • What’s next for ESN? (47:20)
  • How can people get involved with ESN? (53:30)

View the ESN blog at blog.emergingscholars.org.

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