PiE: Pastors in ExileRyan Robinson of the MennoNerds network interviews Chris Brnjas and Jessica Reesor Rempel from Pastors in Exile. They talked about their work in Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) and young adult ministry in general.

Apologies that Ryan’s microphone had some issues so isn’t always clear, but their answers are the most important part and that comes through clearly.

About Pastors in Exile (adapted from pastorsinexile.org):

Pastors in Exile (PiE) is an Anabaptist-rooted movement that is passionate about connecting young people in Waterloo Region with vibrant faith experiences outside and inside of church walls.

They are community pastors outside of church walls, who are seeking God’s blessings for the city and surrounding area of Kitchener-Waterloo. They partner and collaborate with all those who also seek the wellness of this place they call home.

They believe that church is evolving into something beyond just a specific community in a specific place at a specific time. PiE is a network of people that constantly evolves and changes; a network of people who are exploring what it means to love God and love their neighbours in unique, creative and powerful ways. Everyone who seeks to join God’s loving and transforming work in the world is invited to be a pastor in exile with them.


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