Rachel Halder joins the podcast to discuss healthy sexuality in general and her book Sacred, Sexy, and Whole in particular. Some topics include:

  • Introducing Rachel and her history studying sexuality (0:54)
  • What purity culture means and some of its implications (6:30)
  • The extent to which purity culture comes out of a long history vs being a new construction (10:42)
  • Consequences of purity culture (13:45)
  • Advice for people who are dealing with the harm of purity culture, including the value of masturbation as a way to learn about yourself (18:10)
  • Resources to help people exploring these questions (22:01)
  • What’s in the book (25:07)
  • General responses to the book (28:53)
  • Trauma that results from purity culture and generational passing down of purity culture (31:42)
  • Rachel’s relationship with her Mennonite history (35:54)
  • Neuroscience and sexuality (39:22)
  • What’s next for Rachel and her work (41:45)
  • Vision for the Church (43:48)


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