Ryan Robinson of the MennoNerds network sat down to talk with Scott Brubaker-Zehr. Scott is a pastor in Kitchener, Ontario, and recently summarized his D.Min. thesis about men’s spirituality into a shorter booklet available to the public. Some topics discussed include:
– Why are experiences with God important?
– Why study men in particular?
– What recurring themes did the men express?
– Is our theological language in church failing to connect with men’s experiences of God?
– How can we encourage men to more often experience God and to better express those experiences?

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book, “In Front of All This Beauty, Understanding Nothing”, email pastor @ rockwaymc.ca

The diagram discussed in the video that summarizes Scott’s findings can be seen here:

3 key points, all connected with each other: Awareness of Unmerited Goodness, Ethical Desire, Sense of Connection
From Awareness of Unmerited Goodness: Awe, Reverence, and Trust in a Non-Malicious Universe
From Ethical Desire: Awareness of Need
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