Well, we’ve reached the end of the journey for Anabaptist Missional Spirituality.   After 24 articles from a wide range of viewpoints, experiences, and positions, how do you sum up something like this?

I think it’s safe to say, if a nerdy dove-like bird can comment here, that when it comes to spirituality, it seems that there is not a really solid, safe “how-to” manual.  Every one of the posts that our nerdy friends put up were full of truth, wisdom, and a sense of the Holy Spirit.  Each author attempted to explore, from where they were, what it means to be “sent” on God’s mission into the world, how that takes shape, what preparation is needed, and how far can you go before you find yourself turning back home.

At the core of it all is that term “missio dei” that started the whole conversation.  Any mission that we attempt to start has it’s genesis, first and foremost, in the mission that God is already on.  And I think this is something that came out in all the articles.  Any missional endeavor and exploration of spirituality starts, first and foremost, by joining the mission that has already begun.  It is not our mission, it is God’s mission.  Discipling people, prayer life, the people to whom we are sent, the incarnating of Jesus in the midst of folks “not like us”… it all is part of what we do when we join God’s ambassadorship to the rest of the world…a world that, if we are honest, we are also part of and have been received God’s mission.

Thank you to all the authors who participated and to all our readers who gave feedback, shared the articles, and joined in the journey.

May God bless you all.

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