Menno Simons in Nerdy glassesSo, you want to be a MennoNerd blogger…great! We love it when new folks join in. Here’s what you need to know:

What’s It Like?

Before you consider applying, please read more about the elements involved with being MennoNerds Author or Affiliate.

The Process

In any case, if you would like to have your blog considered for aggregation to this site, fill out the form below.  From there, there’s a group of nerdy folks who will consider your request.  We operate on a consensus basis (not necessarily voting majority), looking to allow everyone to be heard and not just the popular decision. We get to these as fast as we can, but admit it sometimes takes a while. Once we get our heads together, we’ll get back to you with the next steps.

Our mission could be summed up as providing a variety of voices within the orthodox Anabaptist stream of Christianity. Therefore the decision of whether your blog is a good fit primarily comes down to two categories of factors: theological alignment and uniqueness.

Theological Alignment

We are a Christian blogging network that aligns with the Anabaptist stream of Christianity.  As MennoNerd bloggers, we deeply appreciate how our Christian faith informs our lives, our thoughts, and our writing.  We don’t have a strict statement of faith or creed, but we are looking for other Christian bloggers. We expect our members to have a deep faith and have a respect for Scripture as informing that faith. On the latter point, we do want to be clear that we seek a wide generosity of interpretation; we do not want to be conflating our understanding of Scripture with Scripture itself. Beyond this, it is an Anabaptist network, so we’d like to be sure you also subscribe to the Anabaptist distinctives. We do not require that you be active in a Mennonite church or even an Anabaptist church, just that you identify with the Anabaptist tradition and your voice fits within the Anabaptist ethos.


On the point of uniqueness, the fundamental question is whether your blog provides a voice in the discussion that varies sufficiently from that of existing content. Nobody wants to read 12 people saying the same thing on the same topic every day. While we would LOVE for everyone to join in, we want to make sure that we’re not just repeating ourselves with lots of blogs that repeat themselves and that we have the same content repeating itself across many blogs that repeat what other blogs have said…wait…  um… where was I? Right.

While we currently aren’t requiring specific quotas, this does mean that we are actively seeking more voices different than the ones typically heard in theological discussions (white, male, straight, North American, middle-to-upper-class). This shouldn’t stop you from applying if you think you have sufficiently varying content, but as your life experience is clearly a factor in what content you produce, it will definitely come into play.

Mandatory: Posts Requirement

As a practical point, we will turn down any blogs that do not currently have at least 3 months and at least 30 posts. Why? There simply isn’t enough content for us to adequately gauge what kind of a voice you would be bringing to the table. If you don’t have this much content yet, you will not be accepted. Come back once you’ve got enough content for us to work with.

Apply Now

If you are still interested, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you in due time.