Hi MennoNerds followers,

This site will soon be shutting down. We have joined forces with Theology Corner to create a new channel there. This site will stay intact for a short period of time and then this domain will redirect to the Theology Corner page. Many of our authors have chosen not to migrate to this new site but a few familiar names are already appearing there with more to come.

For those who want to keep up with MennoNerds:

  • The member list on this site is still available, showing all of our authors and affiliates. You can use this list to help you find the source sites where the authors are writing and subscribe to them in other ways.
  • Our Facebook page and Twitter account will stay active and automatically publishing posts that appear in the new Theology Corner channel. This hasn’t been set up yet but should be soon.
  • If you’re subscribed with RSS, you can change your RSS feed subscription to https://theologycorner.net/blog/category/mennonerds/feed
  • If you’re subscribed by email, the Theology Corner channel does not offer a specific email for all MennoNerds content. It is possible this will come later, but for now, assume that you should subscribe in another way.
  • If you want to participate in discussions with other MennoNerd-y people, join the Facebook discussion group


  • The future of the YouTube channel is still being determined. There won’t be any new videos, but it may or may not stay active.

Also shutting down:

  • The Instagram account which was seldom used anyway.
  • The MennoNerds podcast (not the podcasts of our members). While this could have worked on the new site, we simply have not had the resources to do the podcast well for a long time and so it was time to accept it was over. The podcast feed will stay active for now along with the site, then shut down when the site does.
  • The Patreon and PayPal for accepting donations.