Four MennoNerds gathered in a panel to discuss the relationship between the Church and academia, just in time for back-to-school season. In this part 1, they cover questions like:

  • What is academia?
  • In what ways does the Church need academia?
  • In what ways does the academy need the Church?
  • How can we build better bridges between the Church and academia than often exists, at least in some segments of the Church?
  • What advice would you give to somebody considering entering the academic world?
  • What kind of sacrifices are involved in a life of academics?

Note that we had a lot of technical difficulties with this one. We’ve done what we can with editing, but a few things might stand out, like:

  • Katelin introduces herself and then disappears for half an hour (mic problems)
  • Deborah doesn’t quite seem to be part of the conversation, with nobody really acknowledging her points (they didn’t know them, again because of mic problems; she recorded again later to be inserted in the right spots)
  • The video for the main recording is out of sync with the audio (seems to be happening with any Google Hangout on Air edited in Adobe Premiere CS6)

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The video is available embedded from YouTube below, or can be accessed through the audio or video podcast feeds.