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Interview: April Yamasaki, Ministry After Pastoral Ministry

April Yamasaki headshotMennoNerd April Yamaski joins the podcast to talk with host Steve Kimes about her life in pastoral care and continuing ministry in other ways after leaving pastoral ministry. Some topics include:

  • The most satisfying part of being a pastor (1:10)
  • Any regrets about leaving pastoral ministry (4:40)
  • Recommendations on how to leave a church well (7:15): whenyouworkforthechurch.com
  • What April is focussing on now (10:50)
  • How April disciplines herself in writing (13:19)
  • April’s latest book, Four Gifts, and the importance of self-care (19:30)
  • A sacred pause and why that is important in self-care (23:25)
  • Positive and negative uses of the Internet and social media (27:30)
  • Keeping our minds healthy (31:23)

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Interview: Phileena Heuertz, Mindful Silence

Phileena Heuertz joins the podcast to discuss her book Mindful Silence with Steve Kimes. Their discussion includes:

  • Phileena’s experiences around the world (1:07)
  • How did contemplative prayer help in her life? (7:45)
  • Reconciling God’s love with the amazing amounts of suffering Phileena has seen (12:20)
  • How Gravity helps create a balance between contemplative spirituality and activism (16:02)
  • Teaching Steve some steps on doing contemplative prayer (21:00)

Check out Phileena’s resource video from Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mindfulsilence

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