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Interview: Shelley Campagnola, Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support

Shelley Campagnola from Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support joins the podcast to talk about their work and the current state of refugee acceptance in Canada and the United States. For more on MCRS, visit mcrs.ca.

Topics include:

  • How MCRS supports refugee claimants and why these claimants are seeking help (1:15)
  • The Mennonite roots of MCRS (4:06)
  • Other help for refugees in the Kitchener-Waterloo area (5:30)
  • The Christian/biblical basis for helping refugees (7:45)
  • The general process for a refugee in Canada (10:12)
  • Main differences between Canada and the U.S. and how they welcome refugees (20:40)
  • The length of the refugee claim process (25:12)
  • The safe third country agreement and how that impacts refugees to Canada and the U.S. (27:31)
  • Increasing fear of the “other”, including refugees, in North America (31:26)
  • How to help MCRS in their work (44:26)

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BGWG 14: Farewell

Ebony and Steve return for one more episode of Black Gal, White Guy to say farewell to the show as they move on to focus on other things. Some of the topics include:

  • Steve’s recommendation: the podcast VS. (1:38)
  • Ebony’s recommendation: Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown (3:55)
  • Ebony and the Kinky Curly Theological Collective (8:20)
  • Steve and Village of Hope leaving Portland (14:45)
  • Ebony’s concerns (23:55)
  • Steve giving space for other voices (27:50)
  • Ebony’s parting words for listeners (31:25)
  • Steve’s parting words for listeners (35:15)

Note: they did actually record this a while ago and I (Ryan, the editor and distributor) did not realize it until recently – I had stopped regularly checking after they told me they were wrapping up, so I didn’t realize they had recorded one more episode a few weeks later. Oops.

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Newest Episodes from Members

Craig Keener on Acts, Paul, and Miracles | S1 E9 (EP-67)

Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 1, Episode 9 (Spring Season, 2018) In this episode, Kurt chats with biblical scholar and classicist Craig Keener. He has done extensive research on the book of Acts including producing a massive four volume comment...

Prove It #1 – The Proof is Love

Many people want to prove or disprove the existence of God by philosophical debate. The way the Bible mostly teaches us to give evidence for the reality of God is by how we follow Jesus' example of love and grace. The "proof" is in transformed lives. Join us this summer for a series that explores the book of 1 John and its invitation to "Prove It" through following Jesus, first and foremost.

1 Dragon and 2 Beasts | S1 E7 (EP-7)

Subscribe via iTunes or Google Season 1, Episode 7 (Spring Season, 2018) In this episode, Kurt continues to look at Revelation in broad sweeps. Specifically, he looks at the 'dragon' (devil) and the two 'beasts' who show up in popular conversation abou...

As it is in Heaven #6 – Jesus and Joy

For friendship to exist, two people must share a “space.” In our spiritual life with God, that shared space is called the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom that Jesus taught so much about is the spiritual realm where we connect with God's activity, authority, and love. “As it is in Heaven” is an invitation into a day-to-day life where Jesus redefines everything.

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