Types of Podcasts

The two basic types of media content we release are vlogs and interviews/panels/events. Vlogs are released on YouTube as individual videos and on the podcast feeds sorted by topics. Interviews/panels/events may be published in sections depending on length, usually trying for each episode to be between 30 and 80 minutes long.

How to Subscribe

You can access MennoNerds media content through many different services. They come down to three feeds we offer:

  1. YouTube video
  2. Podcast video feed
  3. Podcast audio feed

The audio and video podcast feeds are available through many different podcast stores including iTunes (audio and video) and Google Play (audio only). You can also copy the RSS feed link available in the sidebar into podcatchers that allow that functionality to directly subscribe.

Release Schedule

We try to release something on the podcast feeds every Tuesday at 3:00pm Eastern. That doesn’t always happen. The basic structure is alternating weeks between vlog topics and interviews or panels.

YouTube may not be as clear of a schedule:

  • Vlogs are typically released at 3:00pm Eastern, but not always, and not necessarily on any particular day.
  • Live broadcasts of interviews or panels remain public from when they are recorded to when the edited version is available. After that they become unlisted with links to point anybody who finds it to go to the edited version instead.
  • Edited interviews or panels are released on YouTube at the same time as they are to podcast feeds, 3:00pm Eastern on Tuesdays.

Live Broadcasts

Most of our podcasts are done through YouTube Live and visible publicly. You can watch there, and sometimes we are able to take questions from the audience for our guest (not always, depending on availability of volunteers to monitor the chat and/or Twitter).

The live broadcasts do not follow any particular schedule. It is entirely dependent on when the host and guest(s) are available. We try to list them on the Google Calendar in the sidebar, which you can subscribe to, if you want to keep track of when something is coming up.

The Hosts

Our two regular hosts are Katelin Hansen and Paul Walker. Occasionally others may host as well.

The Guests

Our guests are whoever we can get that has interesting things to say and who fits our MennoNerds mission statement. Sometimes these will be more well-known people or organizations. Others will be smaller and more local in their focus. We attempt to provide a balance as best we can

If you or somebody you know are interested in being a guest, please send our podcast coordinator a message using the contact form with specifying the contact reason to be podcasts.

Why Ads on YouTube

We include ads on YouTube because it costs money to maintain all that we do, and we get very few donations. If we suddenly starting a lot more donations to cover our costs and allow us some room for improvements, we would be happy to get rid of the ads.


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