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Man Made Diamonds ? Save Big Money And Avoid Mined Diamond Scams

Adroit shoppers perceive that friend made diamonds advance superb value and mirror mined diamonds, allowing jewelry lovers to look glamorous and bank the rangy difference in cost. This iota is punctuated along with exposing the inherent pitfalls when considering a mined diamond

Man Made Diamonds ? Save Big Money And Avoid Mined Diamond Scams

Man Made Diamonds ? Save Big Money And Avoid Mined Diamond Scams

High sort man made diamonds are a haggler at about $80 per carat, and they do not enlarge in charge exponentially as carat obligation increases For example, a one-carat synthetic diamond costs about $80; a three-carat friend made diamond would then market for $240 A one-carat mined diamond that sells for $3000 would go for $45,000 in a three-carat size, all things being equal, which with mined diamonds is never the case. Perplexing comparative evaluations, exponential emolument growth, consumer confusion, and the gospel of diamond industry antics is why the mined diamond undertaking is awash in dirty tricks Here are descriptions of the most sneaky and pervasive mined diamond scams:

THE BLUE-WHITE SCAM: A jeweler tells you, “This is a blue-white diamond.” This is a extremely lapsed title The dealer entrust probably alert you that it is a correct diamond, but actually it is logical the negative Blue-white refers to the fluorescence that influence in typical light, which contains ultraviolet wavelengths This sad fluorescence actually makes a colorless diamond look a seldom oily or milky in sunlight and decreases its value

THE LIGHT MAKES WHITE SCAM: Bright lights make every mined diamond look amend Of course, every jeweler wants to display his or her diamonds in the elite light, but there are some lighting tricks you should avoid. Some bulbs posses a strong sad component, which makes yellow stones look whiter Special bulbs are often used with strong ultraviolet wavelengths, which make most diamonds fluoresce unhappy This furthermore has a whitening engender for stones in the dilute color ranges

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THE GRADE BUMPING SCAM: A jeweler exaggerates the grade. The FTC says that a jeweler must be accurate within one superiority of color and one standard of clarity on a diamond So many jewelers bump the color and clarity unbiased one grade. Unfortunately, this can mean a big treaty of cash if you are talking about a fine-quality, 1-carat diamond For instance, you might find a aficionado that the jeweler quotes as a 1.00 carat F color / VS1 clarity for $6,500. However, if you sent it to a reputable solitaire lab like GIA, it would come back as a G color / VS2 clarity, which is only worth about $5,500 This way you lose (and they profit) about $1,000

THE FRACTION SCAM: The label says 3/4 carat, and the FTC allows jewelers to loop off diamond weights So a diamond labeled as 3/4 carat in duty might actually weigh anywhere between .69 and 81 carat This could mean a significant numeral of money, since diamond prices caper at certain singable sizes In this example, you might be buying a 69 carat ambit G/VS2 worth about $2,100. but paying for what you idea was a 075 carat worth $3,000. You duck $900

THE LASER DRILLING SCAM: Dealers drill holes to burn out minatory carbon spots About 1 in 3 diamonds in the United States is laser drilled. Dealers use lasers to drill a tiny cave into the depths of a diamond to fire and evaporate sizeable black inclusions to make them disappear The calamity with this scarcely quip is that laser drilling can make the diamond a seldom further fragile to breaking with a behalf clink Most dealers trade laser-drilled stones for much less

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THE HIDING THE FLAWS SCAM: Every jeweler hides flaws below the prongs if he can In many cases, this can make an I1 clarity appear like a VS2 if you look at it in a ring setting Structural flaws like feathers and cleavages can be damaged by the gigantic require exerted by the prong on the diamond to nuzzle it snug in the ring

THE FRACTURE FILLING SCAM: New treatments to make flaws invisible There is a new process patented a few years ago that melts a benign of crystal into surface-breaking fractures in a diamond. This method will slide by consumers unnoticed The treatment is considered slightly fragile because it can be damaging underneath the extreme heat of a torch when the diamond is form into a round Fracture-filled diamonds should trade for much less than diamonds without this treatment, but in actuality they often vend for as much or fresh because they look like a higher, fresh expensive clarity grade

THE CHEMICAL COLOR COATINGS SCAM: A scarcely colouring goes a want way. This remarkably deceptive procedure involves a rarely atom of gloomy or purple whitewash on the lowest tip of the diamond, called the culet This is small enough that you might not detect it, but the location spreads the color throughout the fan This counters the yellow stain in contract color grades, forming a diamond look like a more expensive, colorless grade

Man made diamonds or synthetic diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory subservient controlled conditions If anything about synthetic diamonds is called into interrogation it is that they are too flawless And since all mined diamonds hold inclusions, flaws, and birthmarks, unbefitting glorification a domestic jeweler can caution the difference. Considering that comrade made diamonds cannot be distinguished with the naked eye, lab-created diamonds hold elegant beauty matchingoften bestingmined diamonds, and giant assets are realized, jewelry lovers must regard synthetic diamonds as an sensible preference Plus, there is no insurance to buy after purchasing individual made diamond jewelry and the thousands of dollars in funds can be banked!

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