August 20, 2022

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The Asiad comment, a actual China unpunctual gold medals

The 16th Asian Games took cranny in Guangzhou China, from the ceremony, its 10 days already. As a collection of media reported, China owned 146 gold medals, 71 silver medals, 70 bronze medals at their home fa

The Asiad comment, a real China behind gold medals

The 16th Asian Games took vocation in Guangzhou China, from the ceremony, its 10 days already. As a pile of media reported, China owned 146 gold medals, 71 silver medals, 70 bronze medals at their home fairground China is at the prime of index But, I dont imagine all these medals can ameliorate the reality of sick individual

The sick individual is not a travesty for Chinese; I impartial absence to write a comment about Chinese governmental sports fact. In China, you can little find a federal sports cause for natural citizens, eliminate in schools and clubs In a center city, there is only one gymnasium, this is a lanky improvement compared to the gone a few years But in the suburban field, there is no motive at all As we know, there are 4 seventh family lived in suburban. So that way a lot of people keep no materialize to do exercise So that is the actual China, Chinese are out of knead

Lets back to the Asian Games, In command to finish the target which arranged by Chinese government,government paid a mountain of priority to the public sports team, and all the athletes didnt disappointed the government, they acquired the most gold medals repaid the idyllic On the angle of a country, we can understand their agitated and active on this international family All the countries keep to build a gain emblem to the universe So on one aspect, we suppose this is a glory, on the additional hand, I reckon this is a balmy ofsuperficial task Chinese government like this benign ofsuperficial work, from GDP to the Asian games, they spend a mound of budgetary on the venues construction, they become the modern largest innocent on economy since the GDP But we furthermore know, natural Chinese relatives are very poor In gone days, since the gigantic inflation, a stockpile of connections slang emolument for their daily orders, they can not name the tuition fee, and they patter boost their children. But nobody care, even though Chinese government declares they will proclaim some new rules to constrain the inflation, but no legitimate cause happened In China, kinsfolk is not the most important, the front engineering is! In some esteemed BBS, all the folks are chatter about the inflation, the bureaucracy, the acquisitive authenticated and many more ugly data in China If you are a new comer, you may fondle very inconvenient to live in China. There are a collection of clauses waiting for you Except the mildewed aspects, there are some advantages we posses to learn from China Chinese folks are uncommonly enthusiasm, they are friendly and nice They obtain their keep ways to express the salute to their guests Also, since it is a historical country, there are a heap of places admireable your visit Chinese snack is universe famous, so dont wasteland the time, if you come to China now, you can difficulty the wonderful Asian games. You may buy some Asiad mascots If you keep no time to movement in China, doesnt matter, on the authenticated website dinodirectcom, you can buy the mascot too, there are many fresh Chinese novelties may be you entrust like

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